1. Students at Steeple Arts are expected to wear proper leotard, tights, and shoes as designated according to class assigned.

  2. If a student forgets her dancing clothes, she will be asked to observe class.

  3. All students are required to have hair neatly pulled back and properly groomed for class.

  4. Ballet shoes MUST HAVE ELASTIC and child’s name should be clearly written in each shoe.

  5. We suggest that students NOT visit neighboring stores in the Village without a skirt or pants over their leotard. It is our aim to instill in our students lady-like behavior and carriage, inherent to the Art of Dance, and we hope the parents will cooperate.


  7. We request that PARENTS NOT WAIT INSIDE the building for their child! Please drop her off and pick her up at the proper time! We need our sitting room for the students as a gathering room before class and a special instruction area during classes.

DRESS CODE : ALL STUDENTS AGES 2 1/2 THROUGH 8 (3rd Grade) WEAR: “Steeple Arts Blue” Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

For Tap: Black Tap Shoes

ALL STUDENTS AGES 9 (4th Grade) and OLDER WEAR: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

For Tap: Black Tap Shoes

(There are some exceptions for Leotard Color in the 8-10 year old groups.)

NO low back leotards! Teenagers ARE REQUIRED to wear a bra ! No socks allowed in class ! NO T-shirts or shorts allowed in class ! 

Jazz Shoes allowed ONLY in Jazz Classes (Black Only)

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: DANCE PANTS -Ages 8 and under may NOT wear pants in class (But they make a great cover up going to and from class.) PINK DANCE PANTS preferred with Blue Leotards, BLACK DANCE PANTS preferred with Black Leotards. DANCE SKIRTS : PINK SKIRTS preferred with Blue Leotards, BLACK SKIRTS preferred with Black Leotards.

BALLROOM DRESS CODE: We require coats and ties for the boys; Sunday dress and white gloves for the girls.

VISITORS’ DAYS: Parents and friends are asked to observe classes on Visitors’ Days ONLY. Notes stating dates of Visitors’ Days are sent home with all students. Visitors’ Days are held during the month of November and Final Demonstrations are scheduled at the end of the Season on non-concert years. (End of April/Beginning of May)

CALENDAR: Studios are closed in December for Christmas Holidays and in March for Spring Break. Studios are closed for Thanksgiving Holidays Tuesday through Thursday.

BAD WEATHER: In case of severe weather, classes are canceled ONLY IF THE MTN. BROOK SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED OR DISMISSED. Classes canceled because of bad weather can not be made up. Work in each class will be accelerated to be sure all material is covered.

ABSENCES : Classes missed because of illness may be made up in another class. Ask the Teacher for the appropriate class. No refunds are made for unattended classes.

CONCERT POLICY: Steeple Arts presents a fully costumed Concert EVERY OTHER YEAR. These stage performances will be on ODD Calendar Years … 2017 – 2019 -2021 etc. First year Pre Ballet Classes usually do not perform in the Concert. If your child is placed in a class with former students, she will be invited to participate. Concert participation is optional. There are additional fees for Concert participation. On EVEN Calendar Years … 2018 -2020 -2022 etc, ALL STUDENTS are presented in Final Studio Demonstrations at the end of the Season. Any costume accessories used for Studio Demonstrations will be furnished by the Academy.

ADMISSION POLICYTo Enroll at Steeple Arts, fill out a Registration Form and return it to the studio with the appropriate Registration Fee. Steeple Arts is a Family School, and many of the students are daughters or grand-daughters of former students! We welcome new students to join our dancing family.

TUITION: Tuition is payable in 1, 2 or 3 payments (see Rates). Checks should be payable to Steeple Arts. All Classes at Steeple Arts are carefully graded according to age and advancement and LIMITED in number. New students are not accepted after the Season begins. For this reason, it is understood that your child is enrolled for THE WHOLE SEASON AND IS OBLIGATED FOR FULL TUITION ! A Season is considered September through mid May.